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Adult Manual Wheelchairs


Professionals (ATPs), will meet with you to identify exactly what frame and accessories will provide the best fit with the right combination of seating and positioning.


Manual Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

These completely customizable chairs are designed to keep you comfortable, active, safe, and optimized for mobility in your day-to-day life.


Manual Tilt Wheelchairs

Manual Tilt in Space Wheelchairs provide many health benefits if you aren’t able to shift your own weight.


Manual Power Assist Add-On Wheelchairs

Going long distances with a manual wheelchair can be a challenge, even if you have the ability and strength to self propel.


Manual Lightweight Wheelchairs

When you’re getting around in a wheelchair, having the chair configured for your individual needs can help keep you going without causing further complications, stress, and pain to your body.

Power Wheelchairs for Adults

Mobility limitations for adults is not uncommon. Many people rely on assistive devices to help them maintain some level of independence. Many benefits have been attributed to the receipt of power wheelchairs. Studies continue to conclude that power wheelchair use is associated with improved mobility, social participation and quality of life, as well as, decreased pain and discomfort. More importantly, users have reported that power wheelchairs facilitate a variety of activities including shopping, medical appointments, visiting family and friends, and attending community events.

Premier Medical has access to a variety of power wheelchairs to fit your particular need. From a basic “sit and drive” power chair to the most sophisticated alternative drive systems, we will work with you and / or your clinical team to determine which system best fit your overall needs. 

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Standard Power Wheelchairs

Standard Power Wheelchairs use a basic joystick to make it easier to navigate your surroundings, indoors or outdoors, when you have simple ambulatory limitations. 


Complex Power Wheelchairs

Complex Power Wheelchairs are robust systems that can be upgraded and altered over time to match you and your changing needs.


Complex Power Tilt Wheelchairs

Shifting your weight is incredibly important for your health. This complex power chair gives you the ability to shift your weight when you can’t do it on your own.


Complex Power Tilt & Recline Wheelchairs

Being able to tilt and recline is extremely beneficial for users who cannot independently relieve pressure. Tilt and recline technology can also help with safer transfers, helps with catheterization and helps manage tone and spasticity.


Complex Power Standing Wheelchairs

The ability to stand when you are in your chair most of the day has great benefits for your body and ability to accomplish daily tasks.


Power Seat Elevator Wheelchairs

Power Seat Elevators can get you eye level and doing everyday tasks without the challenges of standard height chairs.


All-Terrain Wheelchairs

Challenging terrain, like sand and woods, is possible with an all-terrain wheelchair


Alternative Access Controls

You don’t need the ability to control a joystick to explore the world. Our individually configured power wheelchairs have the ability to move with other parts of your body.

Pediatric Manual Wheelchairs

Pediatric manual wheelchairs are self or parent/caregiver propelled. That means they don't include an independent power source to get moving. Our wheelchair specialists will meet with you to identify exactly what your child’s individual needs may be to help provide the best fit with the right frame, accessories and combination seating and positioning for your child. We'll make sure your child has the right support, pressure relief and self-propulsion options for the most comfortable ride.


Ultra Lightweight

The Ultra Lightweight wheelchair is completely customizable and designed to keep your child comfortable while he or she engages in daily activity.



Manual Tilt in Space Wheelchairs provide incredible health benefits if your child isn’t able to shift his or her own weight. They are customizable to match your child’s body and mobility needs.


Power Assist Add-On

Discover an option that supports your child’s self-propulsion with the help of a power source doing some of the work. This option will help with long distances where a manual wheelchair can be a challenge, even if your child has the ability and strength to self propel.



Complex Rehab Technology strollers can give the right kind of support for your child’s growing body and are excellent for those on the go family adventures.

Pediatric Power Wheelchairs

Certain conditions and diagnoses make self-propelling a manual wheelchair difficult or unattainable. In those instances, a pediatric power wheelchair may be the answer for a child’s mobility needs. Pediatric power wheelchairs can open up new possibilities for a child to interact with the world and allow them functional mobility that may otherwise go undiscovered.       


Complex Power

Complex Power Wheelchairs transform with your child as his or her needs change. This system is ideal for progressive disorders because it can be upgraded and altered to match your child’s needs over time.


Complex Power-Tilt

Shifting your weight is incredibly important for your child’s health. Complex Power Tilt Wheelchairs give your child the ability to shift his or her weight when it’s not possible otherwise and can be customized to your child’s needs.


Power-Seat Elevator

Power Seat Elevators can get your child eye level and doing everyday tasks minus the challenges of standard-height chairs.


Alternative Access Controls

Your child doesn’t need a joystick to explore the world. Our individually configured Power Wheelchairs have the ability to move powered by other parts of your child’s body.



Challenging terrain, like sand and forests, is possible with All-Terrain Wheelchairs.

Other Products

Premier Medical is much more than just a manual or power mobility company. We have the expertise and experience to assist you with several categories of rehab technology: 

Standing Devices

Gait Training Equipment

Transfer Devices

Specialty Mattresses

Specialized Bathing Items 

Custom Seating & Positioning

Cushions and backrests are two important components for all wheelchair users to maintain healthy skin and the stability needed to drive their power chair, propel their manual chair and perform daily activities. Seating products can aid in stabilizing the wheelchair user. Specialty seating ranges from basic foam cushions to highly specialized cushions and backs to help promote healthy skin, while providing improved mobility, balance and control.

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Gait Trainers

Gait trainers are designed for individuals who do not have functional walking skills or postural control to safely and independently use a standard walker. Most gait trainer’s offer varied levels of support and accessories that are designed to be modular. They can be removed or added according to the individual user’s needs and abilities.

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Transfer & Mobility

The TRAM is a transfer and mobility device designed to deliver three powerful functions in one compact unit: gait training, sit-to-stand transfers and seated transfers.

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Standing Frames

Standers or standing frames enhance the quality of life for individuals of all ages with physical disabilities by integrating each individual into the upright position for normal life, classroom, and leisure activities. Standing delivers many health benefits; it provides stimulation to the bones in the lower extremities, encourages head and trunk control, improves respiratory function and stimulates gastric motility.

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Specialty Bath Equipment

Rehab bath equipment is designed for individuals of all ages from pediatric to geriatric who are having a difficult time safely or independently meeting their bathing or toileting needs. Choosing the appropriate type of equipment can provide the stability, assistance, mobility and confidence necessary to maintain independence with their ADL (Aids to Daily Living) needs.

Quality Service & Repairs

If we are contracted with your insurance, our customer service work to acquire the necessary documentation, and we can bill the service/repair work to your provider.


We are committed to integrity at Premier Medical and that means that we service/repair the equipment that we sell to our customers. In some cases, equipment that was not purchased through Premier Medical, can be repaired by our repair technicians.

Information Regarding Our Service & Repair 

We offer home and/or office service and repair evaluations by appointment only. We offer this service as a courtesy to our customers. Providers do not get reimbursed by insurance companies for the travel/drive time to customer’s homes for service/repair.

The fastest service is accomplished when you bring your equipment to our shop. We ask that you call us to set up a time to drop your equipment off to make sure we can have a technician available. If you are not pursuing insurance funding for the repair there is a minimum labor charge of $50.00 for in-shop repairs. 

The service & repair process at Premier Medical is very different than any other service industry because a customer’s health insurance is typically involved. Unfortunately, unless you’d like to waive your insurance rights, (some limitations may apply) we are required to follow varying federal and private insurance guidelines. These guidelines typically lead to a much longer service process 

All non-warranty service and repairs are subject to the then current fees and rates.

We can provide loaner equipment while your equipment is being serviced (subject to availability and fees). 


Here is our Service Process:


  • Customer contact

  • Service evaluation

  • Parts quote

  • Medical orders/chart notes

  • Document review

  • Insurance authorization

  • Order parts

  • Quality assurance

  • Schedule apt

  • Delivery & instillation 

Even the best mobility equipment needs occasional repair from time to time. If you find that your mobility equipment is not working properly, our service and repair department stand ready to provide you with the technical expertise to get your equipment back in excellent working order. We understand that bringing your equipment here is not always the easiest, therefore, our reliable service technicians can come to your home and/or workplace.



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