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Our customers that require highly specialized products to maximize their independence and overall health have significant disabilities such as, neuromuscular diseases, spinal cord injuries and birth disorders.


We understand how important mobility and independence are to our customers, which is why our team strives to help you through the process, as we know it can be overwhelming. 



Our RESNA-Certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) travel to your home or business and perform an evaluation in order to determine the best complex rehab technology for your individual needs. After your evaluation, you will work with our friendly home office staff that will help you manage the insurance process, gather necessary documentation and information, and advocate for you should you need it.


Once your equipment is received and assembled, we will contact you for a time when your ATP and/or Rehab Technician will deliver the equipment to your home. At the time of delivery, we make sure the chair is set to your specifications and show you how to use your new equipment safely. If you have any questions after receiving your equipment, or possibly need to schedule service or repair, please contact our office.


If you’re in the market for a new power wheelchair or are a first-time user,  contact our office and we will gladly help you.



What Information To Have Ready To Process Your Order

Processing an order for our mobility product involves a lot of steps and information.  Below is a list of some critical information that is helpful for you to have readily available and accessible to provide to Premier.  The more complete, accurate and current this information, the better we will be able to serve you with a smooth order process and avoid any unnecessary delays. 

  • Complete list of your contact information, including email and cell phone

  • Current Primary Care Physician name and contact information

  • Current Therapist name and contact information

  • Prescribing Physician Information (who referred you for equipment)

  • Date of last office visit for mobility

  • Copy of current prescription from your referring physician for the equipment 

  • Referral Clinic/Organization name and contact information

  • All insurance coverage information and cards

    • Primary and any secondary or tertiary coverage

    • Medicare/Medical and replacement insurance information (if applicable)

    • Deducible and co-pay percentages (if known)

  • Description of all current mobility equipment

    • Serial numbers

    • Age of device(s)

    • Insurance provider who paid for it (if known)

Excellent Customer Service

Customer Service.

Contracted Insurance Providers



 Medi-cal / CCS

Blue Cross

Blue Shield


Health Net



 Stanislaus County Partners & Health

Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ)

Central California Alliance for Health (CCAH) 




*Plus many others

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